10 Things… You must know about Your Body

Our body is a life miracle…!!!, but some times we don’t care about it..!! Some body eaten anything as well as they want… and some body drunk anything as well as they like. I just try to memorizing all of you about our body… there are ten of miracles things happen on your body, as follows :

  1.  You have 200 bones which are complicated and complexity architecture, and there is no body like if they bones will be break…and crash…
  2. You have 500 muscle which have very well coordinated
  3. You have 11,3 km of nerve fibres to make your body move…
  4. In your body established atomic energy which can be used to build big city in the world repeteadly.
  5. Your heart beating 36 million times in a year, pumps of 2.274.000 litres your blood, through 9600 km artery, vena and capiler.
  6. In flow of your blood, you have 22 billion cell, and miilions of moleculs on every single cell and every molecul exist atomic which have oscilation more than 10 million times per second.
  7. 2 million cell died per second but replacing with 2 million cell in second
  8. In all of you body exist of 500.000 of touching sensors
  9. Your mouth is state of the art of chemistry laboratory, with combination any feels on your mouth, you can recognize more than 1 billion difference things.
  10. Finally, your body is the miracle of life.

(from, Tony Buzan ; Mind Map)


Satu Tanggapan

  1. Bagaimana tentang sell yang membantu mengembangkan daya ingat manusia……….?

    I am so amaze……..when I was read your article………your major is technic but you know much about bone…….!!!!!

    How did you know that…………

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