IT-Essential Skill 1. Get your Free Domain and Hosting

I think, there is no body on the world didn’t like with something sound like “Free”, or “Gratis…!!” in my mother language.

To day, I like to share my expriences in build a website for free, free for it’s source code, free for it’s domain dan free for it’s host..?? Interestly thing..!!!

The tutorial is devided in to particularly modul, and first step we start by get for free domain and hosting.

Our Targets are :

  1. We have a free domain as well as your own domain from
  2. We have a free hosting service from

How we can do all those…??? My tutorial article will guide you as well my experince in use those services..right..!!

Okay… firts thing please doenload the article for detail guide information : IT-Essential Skill 1. Get Your Free Domain and hosting 


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