Finally, My Book Proposal Accepted by Packt Publishing

PacktLogoFew weeks ago, I had wrote a letter to Packt Publishing about my Book Draft, with title : Building Personal e-Learning, Moodle It!
Many teachers have some problems, how to build a personal e-learning to engaging of students in online learning process.

packt-booksMoodle as a popular open source learning management system has a opportunities to use as a tool to build Personal e-Learning. This book will guide the reader to understand how to build a personal e-learning using Moodle.

Firstly, I think my proposed title will be rejected last 2 week.  But to day I’m happy cause of  my book idea is responded by Packt. I’ll fulfill of attached form book proposal


I have experiences in using of Moodle more than 5 years as my LearningManagement System at my institution. So I like to share my experience howto build, manage and maintain an online course personally using Moodle.

Thanks ya Allah for your Rahmah and Hidayah.

Muhammad Adri


4 Tanggapan

  1. Subhanallah….,Mantapzzz…. Da Ad..!!!., sabanta lai.. go international..Amien..!!!. terus berkarya Da Ad.., buliah mendunia urang saniang baka..lai da Ad..Amien..

  2. Bung Adri,

    I am glad that you will become another PACKT author from Indonesia.

    For your information, I also wrote for PACKT and my specialization is in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). I wrote ADempiere ERP and as a plan, this book will be released on upcoming December 2009.

    If you interested, you could visit

    Best wishes,
    Bayu Cahya P
    ADempiere 3.4 author

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